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No Trademark Registered for ( as checked on, (UK Trademark), (US Trademark) , (EU TM) ).

Brandable domain

WP on internet is considered analogus to Wordpress and each of the widely used wordpress plugins has a reference of “WP” in it’s name.

Nominet 2010 Report

80% of UK users would choose a .uk website over a .com website in the search results.

Additional Details

Domain Age

As per ( the age of is 13 years and 8 months.

Google Results

"wp host" gives 152,000,000 results on

Prospective Buyers

Perfect for Web Hosting companies providing Wordpress Hosting Services in United Kingdom. Domainers, Domain Investors, Domain Resellers, Domain Flippers and also Website Developers.

Average Word Search : " wp "
Average Word Search : " host "

Data from Google Keyword Tool

Average Monthly Searches (Specific to UK) along with competition details and CPC values ( CPC on "wp" : 0.39$ and CPC on " host " : 17.5$ )

Possible uses of Domain

A Great Domain Name for a WebHosting Company in United Kingdom! (especially specializing on wordpress). Can be also used as webhosting forum and reselling purposes. Holds ridiculous potential for development and future investment for webhosting industry.

Invest in +

What about .UK instead of .CO.UK?

Basically, you own both and  Unless you can't afford $10-$20 to activate the .UK version some time before 2019.  And why wouldn't you do that?

Here's how that works:

As the owner of you have priority rights to until the summer of 2019.  That means that you can at any time between now and 5 years in the future -- choose to register in addition to  

After 2019, if you haven't already registered, those grandfathered rights go away.  So if nobody has claimed by that time, then it becomes available to anyone to register. Registering is something you can do when you get around to it.  The cost is something like $10 per year.  For non-British citizens, a trustee service (for another $10) would be required for .UK.  No such requirement exists for .CO.UK. I think I've got that right.  But for the final word in this policy, you can check link to Nominet's info.  (Nominet is the .CO.UK / .UK registry.)